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As the saying goes, third time is the charm:

Expert consensus grows on contribution of record high food prices to Middle East unrest

I have to say, the “status quo” media does come in handy some times. For example, one day “Scientific American jumps the shark,” and another day they are cited prominently in a subhead to help make a point. Good heavens! Which is the true Scientific American?

Anyway, it seems Romm is determined to play this card (my emphasis):

As unrest spread through the MidEast, it became increasingly obvious that higher food prices were playing a key triggering role.

I don’t have time right now to plow through all of Romm’s “expert” articles, so I’ll just say what Nicholas Kristof says in his op-ed :

Today, we are all Egyptians!

That includes you, Joe, tangential climate change link and all.

UPDATE: Charles Blow, in his weekly NYT column, writes:

It is impossible to know exactly which embers spark a revolution, but it’s not so hard to measure the conditions that make a country prime for one.

Go have a look at the data.

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The Collapse Meme

The paranoid flip side to Glen Beck is Civilizational Collapse hawker Michael Ruppert, the subject of this creepy 2009 movie. Like Beck, Ruppert has a loyal fanbase who share his dark worldview, which he now propagates on the web through…get ready for it: Collapse Network.

Ruppert periodically posts videos on Collapse Network, such as this beaut from last week, in which he explains why Americans should be “scared shitless” by the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. His prediction:

It will not be long before we start seeing these same events happen in Europe and happening here as well. This is a very dangerous time.

Like Beck, Ruppert is also not shy about his prophetic prowess:

I’m the guy who can tell you which tree is gonna fall on you first-hopefully.

Now what’s really interesting to me about all this is that Ruppert has linked up with New Age survivalist/guru Tom Brown, who I’m familiar with. But that is a story or a post for another time.

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Never a Miscommunication

Even atheists thank god for Stephen Colbert. The hilarious O’Reilly spoof starts at about the 3 minute mark. Colbert can barely keep himself from cracking up.

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