The Other Climate Heretic

MIT Climate scientist Kerry Emanuel is becoming increasingly outspoken about his alienation from the Republican party. Yesterday, he was interviewed on NPR and he spoke candidly on many of the current hot button topics. Here he is, angst-ridden over the direction of the GOP:

I’m very distressed that Republicans, and I have always been a Republican, but I haven’t always voted Republican, I’m very distressed that a lot of them are entering this phase of complete denial about the validity of the science.

There are many issues in climate science that are completely on the table and open for discussion, but to simply deny what countless reputable scientific organizations have asserted is true, namely that we really are changing the climate, is to stick one’s head in the sand.

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The Braying Wolves

In the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately dept, I see that Fred Pearce is getting worked over by hysterics in the climate sphere. For the record, I’ve already stated several times (at my site) and over at Judith Curry’s blog that Pearce committed a boo-boo no-no in a recent blog post.

Deltoid blows this up into “Pearcegate.” Stoat sinks his fangs into Pearce, citing his “current lies” and “cluelessness.” Of course, the proverbial shark-jumping is invoked over at Romm’s. The pile-on is dutifully catalogued by Stoat. The only one who resists the blood orgy is Bart Verheggen, whose blog is one of the last bastions for non-hyperbolic climate change commentary.

All in all, quite a site to behold.

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