The Upside to Global Warming

A climate blogger goes down the yellow brick road:

The Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, has resigned, finally relenting to weeks of massive protests. Is he the latest casualty of climate change?

I think I see an upside that everyone else is missing. If more oppressed populaces, inspired by the Egyptians (who were inspired by the Tunisians), rise up in revolution (chain reaction-like) and send their dictators packing, what might we reasonably conclude?

You guessed it. Global warming helps end tyranny. Finally, a silver lining to runaway climate change!

And the aforementioned climate blogger thought I was one of the “Serious People.” Ha!

But seriously, for those who appreciate nuanced perspectives on the connection between rising food prices and political unrest, check out this recent smart take by Bryan McDonald, a Penn State professor who also has a new book out on food security.

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