The ‘Rebound’ Appraisal Stays in Play

The Guardian is the latest outlet to take a fresh look at long-held popular assumptions on energy efficiency. Their hook is the Breakthrough Institute report released last week.

For efficiency advocates, this is surely an acid-reflux inducing headline from the Guardian:

Could the rebound effect undermine climate efforts?

Speaking of that Breakthrough report, I’m still wading through it. I’m aiming to post on it-and the larger debate-towards the end of the week.

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When Arrogance Meets Arrogance

So what happens when two insufferably smug climate bloggers butt heads over at Climate Progress?

It’s a karmic exchange:

February 21, 2022 at 3:44 pm:

As usual, this misses the real point. The current and long term threat to Egyptian agriculture is sea level rise. Egypt is a combination of Chile and Bangladesh, a fertile river delta with a long thin coastal region along the Nile and nothing else. The delta is being inundated by sea level rise (and sinking as water is pumped out of wells).

If you don’t address that, you are spiting into the wind.

[JR: As usual? I'm letting this comment thru cause you're a colleague. But until you've blogged on sea level rise half as much as I have, don't suggest I've omitted something by not including SLR in every friggin' post I write on a related subject. Heck, when you've done a quarter as many posts as I have on the urgent need to address climate change, then you point out here that failing to address the climate renders all solutions meaningless.

This is a repost of a colleague's piece and is perfectly reasonable. SLR is a contributing factor, no doubt, and I've got a piece coming up on that.]


I really can’t improve on Joe Romm’s inline response beyond the obvious translation: I’m letting this comment thru so I can belittle it in my usual obnoxious and patronizing manner.

Eli, have you wiped Joe’s footprint off your forehead yet? That’ll teach you to get mouthy with the master.

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Dictator Island

With tyrants falling like dominoes (Qaddafi seems next), perhaps it’s time we dreamed up the next reality TV show. Bravo could call it Dictator Island and assemble all the aging, exiled strongmen in villas spread out across one of those nuclear-ravaged atolls in the Pacific.

Let the likes of Baby Doc and Mubarak conspire for control over the island. Or better yet, put them all under one roof, and watch them kvetch, celebrity housewives style, over not being appreciated.

Surely someone has already thought of this?

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A Climate Stalemate

I suppose this story qualifies as news, in the technical sense:

A legally binding accord to combat climate change “is not on the cards” at a December summit, because developing countries such as China, Brazil and India won’t commit to it, according to U.S. negotiator Todd Stern.

What follows sounds more like fantasy:

With developing countries unlikely to commit to reducing greenhouse gases by set targets, the U.S. will push for non- binding agreements to slow global warming, which will eventually result in a comprehensive and binding deal, Stern, President Barack Obama’s Special Envoy on Climate Change, told reporters in Johannesburg today.

Haven’t we been on the “eventually” track for some time? (For more details of Stern’s press briefing and actual quotes, see this Reuters dispatch.)

And for those following the previous thread on climate journalism, just curious: is China, Brazil and India’s intransigence a failure of communication, too? Oh, and on the inconvenient facts front, there’s these latest “dirty” developments. Whose fault?

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