Comment Policy

I’m aiming for lively and intelligent debate. I’ll settle for civility.

No ad homs, no slurs, no personal insults, no name calling, no guilt-by association, no nastiness.

Savage Minds offers excellent advice to keep in mind:

Please understand that some people live to provoke. If you engage such people in any way you make their day. They don’t care about winning an argument as much as getting your goat. So if you would rather not see comments by such people, the best strategy is to ignore them. The chances that you are going to change their views are slim-to-none, and the low-level of the resulting debate is unlikely to be edifying for the other readers.

Regarding moderation: All first time commenters will require approval. After that, the door is wide open (though any comment with two or more links will still require approval).

I’m not a fan of editing (snipping) comments. If I think a comment is inappropriate for any of the above listed infractions, I’ll just delete the whole thing and email you personally to explain why. Repeat offenders will be banned.

Since I have a life outside this blog, please be patient as I might not always spot an offensive comment in a timely manner.