My Articles


“Lynx and Biologist try to Recover after Disastrous Start” (Science); “Returning America’s Forests to their Natural Roots” (Science); “A Surprising Tale of Life in the City” (Science); “Everglades Restoration Plan Hits Rough Waters” (Science); “Fire in the Sky” (Audubon); “Forgotten Islands” (Audubon); “Score One for the Desert” (Audubon); “Eco-Provocateur” (Audubon); “Sagebrush Showdown” (Audubon); “Putting Birds on the Map” (Audubon); “Hand to Hand” (Audubon); “Wildlife Conservation” (Audubon); “A Cure for Seasickness” (Audubon); “Rare Frozen Tiger Cub!!! Wow!!! Take a Look!!!” (Audubon);


The Vanishing Fremont” (Science); “Walking in Two Worlds” (Science); “Giving Back the Bones” (Science);   (Science); “Roundup of Utah Collectors” (Science);  “Dust Storm Rising over Famed Rock Art” (Science); “Walking in Two Worlds” (Science); “Skeletons in the Closet” (High Country News); “Dust on the Rocks” (High Country News); “Messages From Beyond“;  (Backpacker); “Secrets of the Range Creek Ranch” (Smithsonian)  “Who Were the Anasazi” (Archaeology); “In the Field with Taft Blackhorse and John Stein” (Archaeology);  “Lost World” (Audubon); “Solution or Sellout?” (Archaeology); “The Looters Next Door” (Archaeology); “Dirtraker” (Archaeology)

Climate Change/Global Warming:

The Eye of the Storm” (Nature):“The War Against Warming” (Nature); “Pots of Gold” (Audubon); “Global Warming: The Movie” (Audubon); “The Holy & The Hawks” (Audubon); “Leading the Charge” (Audubon)


“Unclearing the Air” (High Country News);“Party Favors” (Mother Jones); “Powder Keg” (Audubon); “Operation Self Reliance” (Audubon);

Environmental Justice:

Wretched Refuse” (City Limits); “  “The People’s Watchdog,” (Audubon magazine); “A Fork in the River,” (Audubon); “Growing In” (City Limits); “A Foreward” (Forging Environmentalism: Justice, Livelihoods, and Contested Environments)

Book Reviews:

“Divining Nature” (Audubon); “Heavy Suburban” (City Limits); “The War on Cities” (City Limits); “Wholly Moses” (City Limits); “Through the Mill” (City Limits); “Toxic Truths” (Audubon); “Healing the Land” (Audubon); “The Beast in the Garden: A Modern Parable of Man and Nature” (Audubon); “The New World Order” (Nature); “Land of the Lost” (Audubon)